Working Papers

Old but Gold: Historical Pathways and Path Dependence
jointly with Diego Firmino, Guilherme Lambais, Eustaquio Reis & Henrique Veras
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Natural disasters support authoritarian populism: Evidence from the Brazilian shrimp vote
jointly with Renata Caldas, Francisco Cavalcanti & Rodrigo Schneider
WP Version SSRN

Financial Exclusion and Inflation Costs
WP Version

Early-Life Exposure to Malaria and Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Brazilian Eradication Campaign
jointly with Henrique Veras
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Work in progress:

Finding Home When Disaster Strikes: Dust Bowl Migration and Housing in Los Angeles
jointly with Gustavo Cortes and Vinicios Sant’Anna

Health Revolution and Barriers to Economic Development

From Stagnation to Growth: The Role of Expropriation Risk on the Fertility Transition
jointly with Henrique Veras and Stephen L. Parente